Trident Commissioning

World-Class Commissioning and Completions Solution for Global Oil & Gas, Refineries, Chemical & Power Plants


Foremost solution for oil & gas facilities that require commissioning or upgrading of facilities

Onshore or Offshore

World Class commissioning system that has served the oil and gas industry since 1999 across the USA, UK, Dubai, Egypt, Canada, Tunisia, Singapore, and Indonesia

Poseidon's choice for commissioning offshore platforms!

World Class Commissioning System

Guaranteed to ensure the safe start up of complex facilities by making verification and compliance easy to manage. Designed by commissioning professionals for commissioning professionals

Cloud-based supporting Mobile Devices

The system leverages the latest cloud-based technologies and is accessible using computers and Windows tablets, such as a Microsoft Surface. Data efficacy and accuracy are key components of Trident

Automation and Accuracy

Populate data easily, allocate tests and verify results with simplicity, conduct bulk planning of tasks, and see why Trident is the ultimate oil and gas commissioning system

Reports to ensure 100% Success

Have you struggled with systems that are unable to give you clear answers to straightforward questions? Trident was built to provide easy viewing and reporting on everything

Global Support with No Hidden Fees

Client support is critical for the success of Trident. Support is available by phone, Skype, and e-mail. Requests for support are responded to within 24 hours and near real-time support is available for active projects 

Multiple Project Phases

Create multiple phases of any project and monitor for completion of tests and checks and punch list items by phase. This allows you to handle mechanical completion, precommissioning, and final commissioning in separate phases!

Integrated Planning System

Handle thousands of check sheets and set planned dates to conduct a bulk selection of tests. Do all of this in an automated fashion with Trident's Integrated Planning system!

Automated Workflow

Trident utilizes barcodes to handle one sheet, groups of sheets, sheets for the whole system, or a combination. This allows you to link all complete test sheets and cleared punch list items automatically!

Document Management System

Simply drag and drop any document of any type into the system and it is automatically tagged correctly. Pictures, datasheets, drawings, manuals, and any other documents can be dropped onto tags, systems, etc. for instant access!

Tag Mapper & Import Tool

Map tags, select all the required tag types, and import them individually or in bulk. Then drag and drop them anywhere in the model! This allows you to configure a project quickly, even at the last minute! 

Powerful Reports

Reports are run by an entire subsystem that directly links to the data. It provides focused reports that can be filtered by discipline, tag type, project phase, system, etc. It also allows the user to create customized reports easily!


Millom 6 Well Unmanned Platform (Burlington) Irish Sea
Hannibal Refinery Expansion (BG) Tunisia
Miskar Compression Platform (BG) Tunisia
Ramco 7 Heads Project (Marathon) Ireland
Rivers 8 Well Unmanned Platform (Burlington) Irish Sea
Burrullus, Simean, Sapphire Gas Project (Technip) Egypt
Accommodation Platforms for PEMEX (Keppel Amfels) USA
NYC sludge removal barge (Keppel Amfels) USA
West Lobe Wellhead Platform (Nisconi) Indonesia
Additional Subsea Tie Backs Project (BG) Tunisia
Marine oil to diesel plant (Premier Oil) Indonesia
West Buka offshore production Platform (Indago Petroleum) Dubai
Central Production facilities for North Sinai (Perenco) Egypt
Long Lake Oil Sands Truck Offloading Project (Nexen) Canada
Pelican and Naga Platforms Premier Oil Indonesia
Pertamina-Talisman Jambi Merang Project Indonesia

Twenty years of experience with successful commissioning projects


We are fanatical about the success of our clients

“We have been using Trident Commissioning software for the past 8 years on all of our projects. The updates to the system are easy to install and any additional reporting features I have requested also been fulfilled enabling us to tailor to client requirements. To summarise this is a great user friendly system with excellent support from the team.”

“The Trident system has enabled us to commission and start up safely throughout numerous on and offshore projects. It has enabled us to perform our tasks efficiently and effectively through the user friendly platform that is offered. The onshore support from the Trident team is excellent and problems are dealt with very quickly.”

“As a user I found the software simple and easy to use. I love the drag and drop features! They allow the use of bulk tag assignment which saves a lot of documentation as well. The software has a simple platform to get tasks completed. Simple barcode scanning and pdf attachments in the system allows quick backup as well as ease of future reference.”

“I've been working in the commissioning and maintenance field for over 25 years and I'e been dealing with various software such as ICAPS, Mainta, Procosys, and PIMS, I found the Trident software quite robust and reliable with excellent features.”

“The amazing thing is that Trident allows the use of that number of forms - and each individual form can be edited to be site / project specific for a particular test, that is WOW! The punchlist setup - pretty cool. I don't know how else to describe it.”

“The ability to manage AITR's and BITR's from different systems and sub-systems and throughout each identified phase of a project is particularly unique to Trident - I have never seen in all my years of commissioning that functionality. Very impressive.”


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